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4/4/2017 “Mayah is an Interesting Name”

I get that a lot. Yes. Yes, it really is interesting! I’m pretty proud to say that my parents chose for me to have such a unique name. They nearly didn’t though. They almost named me Star. Thank goodness they didn’t because that just doesn’t fit my personality.

‘Mayah’ all comes down to a book my mother was reading. She was reading a book about goddesses when she came across Maia (pronounced May-ah just like my name). Maia is the goddess of Spring and creativity in Greek mythology. She is the eldest and most beautiful daughter of Atlas (guy who holds the sky up apparently. His seven daughters were called the Pleiades) and Pleione the Oceanid. Maia is also the mother of Hermes, if you wanted to know. Anyway, my mum knew then that it was the name for me. I mean, spring is like the time of new beginnings right?

But, the name wasn’t perfect yet. My parents liked it, but changed the spelling to Mayah just to make it extra interesting.

So, I was named Mayah!

Copyright 2017

7 thoughts on “4/4/2017 “Mayah is an Interesting Name”

  1. That’s great Mayah

    your Grannie named your Mum Serena, from a book she read while in the nursing home

    where your Mum was born

    Love you

    Grandad xxx

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  2. Isn’t that something creative? It’s interesting to find the history of your name; I always liked the short and sweet, yet subtly significant names a whole lot. Especially those that are unique, those that color the world just a little bit more.

    …Perhaps I’m too figurative for my own good! XD

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