Movie Review

Beauty and the Beast

For my first ever movie review, I have chosen one of the best movies (to me) ever made. Many people have, of course, seen the original Beauty and the Beast animated Disney movie, but today I am reviewing the newest version. One reason this movie is very special to me is because Emma Watson is my idol. Also, the movie was so emotional and I am still amazed at the beautiful singing in it (the cast album is also rockin’).

Title: Beauty and the Beast

Some Actors and Actresses: Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Ian McKellan, Luke Evans, Josh Gad, and Emma Thompson.

Age Group: Any age except for very small children because they could find it too scary.

My Rating: 4/4 stars

Belle is a beautiful maiden living in France. When her father is taken captive by a beast, she switches places with him to save him. This Beauty and the Beast follows the original plot of the animated movie from 1991. The reasons I would recommend seeing this live-action version are because, for one, it is a perfect adaptation with sensational performances, and because the songs are sung so beautifully. I was expecting this movie to be amazing, but it was even more amazing then I thought it could be. Happy Watching!

Mayah XO

Copyright 2017

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