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The Vamps Our Story: 100% Official

I excitedly ripped the wrapping paper open, feeling like a little kid. I had no clue what this could possibly be, but I had a good feeling. I pried open the book and yipped in delight. I had gotten The Vamps’ book, just like I had wanted!

I got this book for last Christmas. I was so happy and actually took the time to read it on that very day, which might seem kinda strange, but books are an everyday reality of my life even on holidays.

Title: The Vamps Our Story: 100% official

Author: The Vamps (Connor Ball, James McVey, Bradley Simpson, and Tristan Evans)

Age Group: If you are a fan 🙂

My Rating: 4/4 stars

The Vamps’ personal story is separated into multiple parts. Much of the book is about how they became a band and how it has been for them. They talk about their travels and how it feels to go on tour. There is also a section for each of them individually, where they talk about their backgrounds and what being in the band is like from a personal point of view. They end the book with summarizing where they are currently in their careers and thanking their fans.

Now, I understand that this book might not appeal to all people, because the book would probably only seem interesting to those who listen to their music. That’s why I am making this an extra post. I personally enjoyed the book immensely. Learning about people’s journeys, like theirs, was interesting and it also made me aware of how much work goes into what they do; but also how exciting it is. Of course, I am totally biased in my opinions, but I did really enjoy it. If you are personally interested in creating a band of your own (follow your dreams! No judging) then this also might be interesting to you.

Do any of you listen to The Vamps?

Happy Reading!

Mayah XO

Copyright 2017

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