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This is my first ever tag post on my blog. It was originally created by Riya on her blog. She wrote a post about her views on racism and at the end included #StopRacism before encouraging everyone who read it to blog about their own views on the topic. I also encourage my readers to post about it using the hashtag!

Racism is such a big subject and it affects so many people. In fact, it affects everyone who lives on Earth, directly or indirectly. I don’t really want to go into too many specifics or really delve deeply into things, because that would make this a very long and complicated post. This is something that needs to be dealt with and looking the other way will not help make it better.

Racism has existed since practically forever. It really all comes down to the fact that we humans are often afraid of anything or anyone who is different from us. I think that this instinct is something we must fight hard against as a society. If we don’t work to overcome racism, then we can’t truly begin to understand each other, which is one of the many wonderful things about being human.

Saying demeaning things about the color of a person’s skin or their culture doesn’t help us achieve a connection. It only pushes us backwards down the path of inequality and unacceptance. I’m honestly shocked at how much racism is in our lives today. It’s everywhere. And that’s not okay. Being exposed to racism everyday can tend to have a numbing effect on people and they begin to accept how normal it is. It shouldn’t be normal! Looking down at our fellow humans shouldn’t be considered acceptable in any sense.

What I personally don’t understand is why people think that the color of a person’s skin or even where they are from should even matter. Of course it matters, that’s who they are, but that’s not all they are. Who they are is based on their values, character, and personality. That is what makes them special.

Humans are all humans. People are all people. United is stronger than apart. The fight to end racism certainly won’t be easy, but I think that if we all work together, we could be much happier for it. #StopRacism


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11 thoughts on “#StopRacism

  1. Very proud of you standing up on racism, you are right, we need to face it head on and not accept such behavior. We should embrace people for their character not their race.

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  2. Good writeup on racism,Mayah.To take it 1 step further,why should there be borders,telling some people they can’t cross,and others that they can.All imaginary lines created by people who want to control resources and money and types of people.The way I see it,we are all brothers and sisters who have but one Father(or Mother),and we are all living together in one giant room,called Earth.A friend of mine used to call outside “the big room”.Chau for now.

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  3. Preach. I’m with you on that, I hear it everyday too and it’s horrible. I feel like when we are young we almost all learn the phrase “treat others how you with to be treated”, I just don’t understand how some people have a difficult time remembering or caring about it.

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