Original Poem: “When The Bee Stings”

The bee

With it’s eyes

Shining like polished glass

It’s filmy wings buzzing hard

Pollen blowing away

In that cool,

Pine-scented breeze.

Antennae twitch and waver,

Sensing for that smell

That sweet smell

Of a flower.

The bee will suck up the flower’s pollen

Like a ravenous wolf

From the pack.

The flower knows nothing

Of the hidden stinger

Cuts me like a knife.


Thanks for reading! I know I have been stung quite a few times by bees and my fondness for them (or lack of) shows in this poem. However, in all honesty bees are wonderful! They really help our environment! I just don’t like getting stung.

Mayah XO

Copyright 2017

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