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The Lunar Chronicles

For a change, I am going to be reviewing a series in its entirety in just one blog post. I can remember seeing the covers for this series of books and always wondering about what secrets were hidden beneath them. A Glass shoe, a red cape… what did these things represent? After some time, I read the synopsis and realized that they were one of my favorite types of stories: fairy-tale re-tellings. I have always loved these types of stories because they have predictable points, but can also completely surprise you, which is exactly what these books did. Warning: Spoilers are included. You can read the first book review and then you’ll probably want to stop since there are spoilers for the rest of the series.

Series: The Lunar Chronicles

Titles: Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, Winter

Author: Marissa Meyer

Age Group: Teens

My Rating: 3 stars

Cinder is a cyborg. Scarlet is a farm girl. Cress has been imprisoned on a lonesome satellite for too long. Winter is the Lunar Princess. Each girl takes turns to tell their story of bringing peace between their two planets.

Cinder, based off Cinderella, tells of a cyborg girl who fixes the prince’s robot. Then, when Cinder’s stepsister Peony gets the plague, Cinder is put into a testing program to help find a cure. Prince Kai begins to fall for her and she must fight the feelings she also feels. Meanwhile, tensions between Earth and Luna are growing.

Scarlet is based off Little Red Riding Hood. This girl meets Wolf, a street fighter, who tries to help her find her grandmother who is missing. Wolf’s loyalties are constantly tested between helping her and working for his lunar gang. Soon, Scarlet teams up with Cinder and her small group of rebels.

Next there is a retelling of Rapunzel: Cress. When Cress finally escapes her satellite with the aid of Carswell Thorne, she becomes entwined in Cinder’s plans to thwart the Lunar Queen. The Queen is trying to force a marriage alliance on Prince Kai, something that they cannot let happen.

The final book, Winter, is a twist on Snow White. Winter is the beautiful Princess of Luna. She loves her guard Jacin, something of which the Queen would never approve. When the others arrive to overthrow Levania, Winter takes lots of risks to help them succeed. To complicate the plot further, Winter’s mental health declines throughout the book. All Lunars can use glamour to make them appear prettier to others. However, Winter has always refused to use it, which causes Lunars to have issues. Throughout the book, Winter starts to almost go insane, hallucinating at some points. Although she may have some mental issues, they weren’t the focus of the book. The book was a wonderful ending to the series.

I would recommend this series because it was quite fun to read. The plot was simple, but also complicated in a hard to explain way. Some parts were easy to predict, but others were quite surprising.

Happy Reading!

Mayah XO

Copyright 2017

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