Original Poem: “Ripple Effect”

A rock falls into the ocean

The ocean shudders

Waves, upon waves, upon waves

A ripple effect

A gust of wind sweeps along the ground

Leaves float up


To meet the sky

A ripple effect

A domino is pushed

I laugh, you laugh

I yawn, you yawn

Rippling across the world

Every word, every action

Has a ripple effect.


Morale of the story: Everything you do will effect someone or something somewhere.

Thanks for reading!

Mayah XO

Copyright 2017

One thought on “Original Poem: “Ripple Effect”

  1. An excellent and true observation,Mayah.Another observation…………..all the simple beauty and diversity of Nature all around us,and most people fail to take notice.Glad we’re NOT in that category.

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