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The Gutsy Girl

When I received this book for my birthday (thanks Dad!) I was excited for sure. The title sounded so strong and I, being a feminist, was overjoyed. I was also partly overjoyed because of the simple fact that it was a book (of course). I took it with me to school the next week and started reading it in my spare class time. However, another book that was extremely intriguing came around (no idea what it was) and I started reading that instead. Then, just this week, which is about 6 months later, I rediscovered this book on my locker shelf (everyone complains about how messy my locker is and this is pretty much proof of that). So, I started reading it in my spare class time again and finished it soon thereafter, since it is a relatively short book. If you are ready to get on your adventure spirit then I would recommend this book.

Title: The Gutsy Girl– Escapades for Your Life of Epic Adventure

Author: Caroline Paul

Age Group: All Ages!

My Rating: 2.5

The plot of this story is hard to explain because it barely exists. It’s more of a collection of stories, which are all about the adventures of the author. The adventures were certainly fun to hear about, but that isn’t what I liked most about the book. I liked how the author connected to her audience. It wasn’t all just about her, there were also activities for you to do, like flowcharts and mini journal prompts. I really liked doing those.

Now, I know that this book review is short, because I don’t have much to say like I normally would on plot or characters (I must say that Caroline is freaking brave). So, I thought I would include one of the journal prompts from the book:

“List four people who you admire. Write down the qualities in them that are so inspiring (Humor? Good Cooking Skills? Mean fastball? Kindness? Pizzazz?) Think how you can incorporate those qualities into your own life. Look at this list when you need guidance. Look at this list when you want inspiration. Look at this list just for fun! After all, who doesn’t need a shot of Amazing now and then?”

My responses included Emma Watson, Sherlock Holmes, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and my mum(!!!).

Happy Reading!

Mayah XO

Copyright 2017

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