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End-Of-Summer 2017 Series Announcement

Hello everyone! Today I’m making an announcement! (Gasp! No way Mayah! What was the title of this post again?)

The End-Of-Summer Series is a series of posts summing up my summer this year. It’s just all about summer experiences and you (yes, you, the person reading this) and I getting to know each other better. The posts will start coming out next week and the subjects are as follows:

  • Author Expo: Where I talk about my favorite books of the summer, my all-time favorite authors, and the reasoning behind which books I review.
  • TV Favorites: Where I recommend and review numerous TV shows for you that you will probably never get around to watching because there are so many to talk about.
  • Music in the Air: Where I create a playlist of my favorite summer jams, because why not.
  • Libraryinmymind Summer Awards: Where I host myself to pick winners for several award categories (Best series, best novel, best new music, etc.).
  • Lazy Summer Thoughts: You’ll find out….
  • Knowing Me Q & A: Where I answer your questions, ask you questions in return (it’s only fair), and talk a bit about plans for this blog’s future. (Ask me questions in the comments!)

…And that’s it for now folks!

Happy Reading!

Mayah XO

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