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End-Of-Summer Series 2017: Libraryinmymind Summer Awards

Welcome to the first annual (probably) Libraryinmymind Summer Awards post! Meet our host, Mayah (yeah that’s me).

Before we begin though, I’d like to bring attention to the fact that it’s fall now and my blogging has gotten a bit behind in the past three-ish weeks due to the sudden onslaught of school happening. Coming back to school kind of caught me off guard, but I’m back and will do my best to be stronger than before! Now, let’s begin.

This awards post has awards for many different categories. The winner of each category wins nothing a mention in this post. These winners have been chosen by our host Mayah, in collaboration with our behind the scenes director, MAYAH, and producer, mayah.

Okay, you know what, forget all that. I’ve picked winners for different categories in an attempt to create a blog post award show thingy. Here we go:

Most Anticipated Book Release (for the rest of 2017): Nightfall by Shannon Messenger

Most Anticipated Movie Release (for the rest of 2017): Murder on the Orient Express

Most Anticipated Album Release (for the rest of 2017): SEVENTEEN’s new album – There’s no official title yet

Best Summer Album Release: Night & Day (Night Edition) by The Vamps (I didn’t count September releases as summer)

Best Book Cover:  Caraval by Stephanie Garber

Best New Movie: Wonder Woman


Happy reading!

Mayah XO


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