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Hello 2018 Post

Hello everyone and happy 2018! I can scarcely believe how fast time seems to pass. Today isn’t just about welcoming the New Year, this post is actually a poem dedicated to one of my dear friends whom I am separated from by circumstances and also an update about my personal life. I am not in the habit of doing these sort of posts, but I figured you all might enjoy seeing some adorableness (my cat, not me, let me be clear, although in all fairness…).


 To Rain: Introduction paragraph

It’s been a while since we’ve shared a laugh, a smile, or a breath of air. How has the air been where you are? I know mine is fraught with memories. Memories that become blurred as time passes. I cannot seem to stop the fog from rolling in…

To Rain: A Poem

I’m thinking

in a filling restaurant,

as 2018 bells ring,

and on my bed now with a pen,

of how to write this thing.


Then suddenly it clicks

just like a lock and key

my heart, it picks

to talk of you and talk of me.


I can remember when we first met, friend,

in the cafeteria that was so loud-

there is that kid I’ve seen around,

you were fiery and proud

yet I will not be afraid, not when your mask is uncrowned.


Now time has passed

I know you well, though you are far away-

separated by circumstance

will it ever be okay?


Perhaps someday soon

I’ll see your face,

one of many in a crowd.

A memory will bloom

and though I make haste,

all will feel quiet despite the loud.



Now, a quick update on the best things that happened to me this fall:

  1. I got bangs, which is just one step on an exciting hair experimental ride-yeah that’s me, I’m super nerdy.


2. I rescued a kitten, whom my family has named Twinkle Toes (Twinks for short) and she is absolutely precious; especially her big eyes and long whiskers. IMG_1208.jpeg

3. I started high school, which has actually been pretty good so far!

4. I finally watched Stranger Things, which is absolutely my new favorite TV show.

That’s all I have today, but I’ll part with this lovely little saying I’ve been using:

2017 was a caterpillar, but 2018 is a butterfly. Let’s fly together!

Happy New Year!

Mayah XO

Copyright 2018



6 thoughts on “Hello 2018 Post

  1. I wish there was a ‘love’ button because it deserves way more than a ‘like’. So many memories, friend! I really hope she sees this and understands how much she is loved and missed! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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