Random Writing

Challenge 1.0

My cat is the best cat in the world. I got her last year in the month that starts with N. I did not know I would get her, but my mum fell in love at the store and then told me we would pick her up and bring her home. I was full of joy when she told me this! I hadn’t had a pet at all in my life (well, one cat when I was a small child and could not not talk yet). I do not have a thought of the past in my head of him since he was dead and I still hadn’t said his name.

My new cat from last year has been Twinks since we got her. This is due to her paws–they are white and look like stars. She has some white fur on her chest that is a bit like a heart, which I think is so cute. She has lots of fluff and that is why I love to hug her so much. Her eyes are a nice bright green and she is just so cute in all ways.

Once in a while she will bite me and I have to let her know that I do not like this. Not to worry, though, it doesn’t hurt at all. She only does it since she thinks of my mum as the one in charge and not me. For the most part I am fine with this as I love when we play and most of the time she is sweet.

Once a day she has to be a bit odd: she will run all through our house at such a fast pace that I could trip on her if I don’t watch out!

In the end I will love her for the rest of both our lives!

Hello everyone! This writing prompt was to write using only monosyllabic words and was quite the challenge. Now you have read mine I challenge you to try it for yourself! I hope everyone had a wonderful summer 🙂

Mayah XO

Copyright 2018

One thought on “Challenge 1.0

  1. Here goes.I had my best friend,my cat,leave me.He spent more than one third of my life with me.I will miss him for the rest of my days on Earth.He was my best friend.No one in my life stayed with me as long as he did.Not one day passed by where we did not play in some way.It is not the same here when I can not wake up with him near me to greet the day.With all the days to come,it will never be the same,when my cute,small four pawed pal is not here,and with a sad heart,will never come in through my door.

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