Original Poem: “Swimming”


I am lost

Left or right

Straight ahead a fork in the road

I can see it just now

and I wish to turn.

No one cared besides my parents

No one stayed away

There was freedom in that, like

sitting alone at lunchtime.

Slowly people crowd around me

Push me into boxes

Me, coordinated me,

Now listless.

I am getting closer to the crossroads

What are they?

I wish to turn away,

but my feet keep skipping along

pace never slowing

soles ever hardy

soul shattering with each pound of my shoe on the pavement.

Why must I choose?

“I will not choose”

I must choose.

They are spooning me carefully selected dishes

I do not wish to dine tonight

I do not wi-

Left or right

I am still lost

carried by the tide.



Thanks for reading! Being a teenager can get pretty confusing and I’m sure many of you can relate. Hope you are all doing well,

Mayah XO

Copyright 2018

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