Original Poem: “Hide And Seek”

I go to the forest

To play hide and seek

With friends of friends

Normally at the beach.

When we split up

I start to feel scared

I’m nervous on the muddy paths

If I slip how will I be repaired?

Over creeks and down slopes

Through the afternoon light we run

Until the twilight comes

Now it’s not so fun.

I hear my friends calling

“Time to go back inside”

The dark is creeping

THEY will no longer hide.

I stumble and trip my way to the edge

And meet my friends

All is not safe yet

I hear a rustling in the hedge.

We run way back home

Across the farm field

Just before we reach it

This dream must yield…


I often get inspiration for my writing from my dreams and this no exception. I hope you have been enjoying the recent onslaught of poetry! I recently joined a writing club and it has been great having other like-minded people to encourage my writing. Don’t worry, though, book reviews and other things are in the works! (:

Happy Reading–Let’s fly together 2018!

Mayah XO

Copyright 2018

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