Random Writing


The wind is blowing hair and sand in my eyes. No matter how hard I struggle to tie it back, strands still manage to find their way into my face. But if I turn slightly away, careful not to slip off the rock, then it will cease and I will still be looking out to sea. The big, wide, raging sea. It is not angry, today, but it can never be calm. The ocean crashes in my eyes–it drowns out everything else that I could hear. The rock is solid beneath my feet, my eyes are gazing magnetically towards the horizon. The sea keeps crashing and I keep gazing. It’s our story, me and the beach and the lighthouse with caves too small to fit inside. It’s romance, the kind that sinks deep into my soul with every lap of the waves and every moment that I am encased within the wind. I could have stood there forever, just to say goodbye.  I could have stayed and said goodbye over and over to each new wave. Goodbyes can’t last forever, though, and so I’ll leave telling myself that it’s only since I am waiting, always, for our next hello.

Prompt: Write about a special place.

Happy reading and writing 2018–let’s fly together!

Mayah XO

Copyright 2018

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