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What to do at book signings

Recently I attended my first ever book signing of one of my favorite authors. It was crazy amazing and after the experience I thought I might make a list of what I thought worked and what didn’t! So, here’s my pointers for attending a book signing!

  • Get there early!! Like half an hour early at least. This will ensure that you can get a good seat or spot in line.
  • If other things are happening before the actual signing, pick a seat that is close to where the signing booth is (a general scan of the room should hopefully reveal it) but also near the front if possible.
  • Make sure your phone is fully charged! You might have time to wait before it starts (especially if you took my first bullet point of advice) and need something to do–also you might have a chance to get a photo!!
  • Plan what you want to say to the author when you meet them–I know I didnt and later wished I had better conveyed how much I loved their work.
  • Save the ticket for a scrapbook or photo album–I highly recommend it.
  • If there is some sort of talk before the signing, have a question prepared that you want to ask thats important about their works. Remember, though, that they have limited time and might not get to your question or even answer audience questions at all.
  • Bring some extra cash if you have some and really love this particular author-sometimes there are merch tables that appear!
  • Please be polite (of course)!

There you go! Thats my advice for book-signings! I hope we can all meet the authors we love and cherish someday.

Mayah XO

Copyright 2018

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