Original Poem: “Worry”

Worry is quiet

It is a gnawing in my lungs

When it leaves

I realize suddenly

That I can breath again.

Worry is heavy

Leban would call it a press or a wring

A cloud weaving through my brain

When I go to the kitchen

And forget why I walked there.

Worry is a reddish-brown

Leaking through me

It stings

As though I am an open wound

Filling with peroxide.

Will you ever leave

Or are you here to stay

You, my anxious counterpart

Who always has something to say

No matter how

I long

For you to stay silent…

“I’m Fine.”



Hello my fellow humans! I hope you are feeling wonderful during this December. I wrote this a few weeks ago when I was going through a rough time and now I wanted to share it with the world. I want everyone to know out there that you are not alone–worrying and feeling anxious is normal and it’s part of being human. Please, I hope everyone reading this can feel joy this holiday season.


Mayah XO

Copyright 2018


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