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What I am Reading + SAO Fanart: “Kirito And His Sword”

This past week or two I have started reading the Lord Of The Rings series! This is a big step for me since it will be my third attempt at reading the first book. When I was younger, I read The Hobbit with my mum and it went fine, but I soon learned that Tolkien isn’t easy for a twelve-year-old on her own. So now I am finally reading it and so far I am further than I have ever gotten.

Because I have been focusing on this book, I don’t have any book reviews, but I do have a drawing of Kirito from the anime Sword Art Online. This show is about a virtual reality game that tons of players get stuck inside by the evil genius who created it. If you’ve never seen any anime before then this show would definitely be a good introduction for you.

“Kirito And His Sword”

Hope you are all having a wonderful December leading to 2019!

Happy reading!

Mayah XO

copyright 2018

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