Monthly Wrap-Ups

March 2019 Wrap-Up

Du-du-du-du-du-du… MONTHLY WRAP UP! It’s a little late to post this, but I am not letting this tradition die out early so here we are! I hope you are having a wonderful 2019 so far and that there have been no reading slumps whatsoever!


  1. Archenemies by Marissa Meyer (The sequel to Renegades, which I reviewed here)

 Isn’t that such an intense captivating cover? Yeah, I think so. I love all of Marissa Meyer’s books and Renegades was not an exception, so I’ve been waiting in anticipation to read this second installment!

2. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime by Mark Haddon

 I actually got a copy of this book for free as part of a book club I was involved in for the past few months! I really had no idea what to expect and what I got was very interesting… review coming soon!

3. Warcross by Marie Lu

 All of my friends are pretty big fans of Marie Lu’s works, but I have never read anything by her. This book, the start of a series, is about a futuristic world and a hacker. Normally, I might not go for something like this, but I have heard so many amazing things about her writing and how gripping it is that I decided I just have to finally check her out!

4. Two Can Keep a Secret by Karen M. McManus

 I was blown away by this author’s debut novel One of Us is Lying about a year ago. It was such a well-written mystery and possibly a low record for how long it took me to read a book. I’m so excited to get blown away again and see the twists and turns of her second novel!


The books I read this month are:

  • I read Darkest Legacy by Alexandra Bracken
  • I read Dear Evan Hansen: The Novel, which totally lived up to my expectations and included a surprise I didn’t know was coming 😮
  • I read Archenemies (definitely a perfect continuation of the story, but I’m still feeling salty about the cliffhanger ending…)
  • I read Legendary by Stephanie Garber (this is the second Caraval novel. To see my review of the first click here).

So far the tally of 2019 is… 15! Maybe if I can keep up this rate I can at least read sixty books this year!


“Older” by Ben Platt. He just released his debut album and I am so proud and am loving the tracks. This is one of my favorites, because it reminds me not to take anything for granted and to always hold on to creativity and positivity. If you listen to the lyrics, I assure you that you will be touched.


“There are so many things to marvel at. How could anyone want to hurt it? How can people wake up every morning and not think – look, the sun is still there! And I’m still here! This is incredible.” — Marissa Meyer, Archenemies 

Happy reading 2019–Let’s fly together!

Mayah XO

Copyright 2019

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