Monthly Wrap-Ups

October Wrap-Up 2019

Spooky season is over *sad face*, but book reading has begun again! Last month I said I thought I was finally getting into the rhythm of college. Yeah, no. Not at all. The good news is NOW, I really am and I’ve been feeling really inspired to write, read, and improve this blog! For today let’s start with my haul.


  1. Tyrant's Tomb: The Trials of Apollo, Book Four by [Riordan, Rick] The Tyrant’s Tomb: The Trials of Apollo, Book Four by Rick Riordan: I am seriously astounded every time this author releases a new book. Everytime it is just so funny, thrilling, and a wildly imaginative adventure.
  2. Hello Girls by Brittany Cavallaro and Emily Henry: I have been enjoying the Charlotte Holmes series for several years now and I’m really excited to see another of this author’s works! Especially one that sounds like such a feministic, engaging read.


  • Looking Backward by Edward Bellamy and Herland by Charlotte Perkins Gilman (for school)
  • Let The Wind Rise by Shannon Messenger
  • The Tyrant’s Tomb: The Trials of Apollo, Book Four by Rick Riordan

BOOKS READ SO FAR IN 2019: fifty-nine!!!


I actually did an entire post just for my song recommendation this month, which you can read here!


“Have you completely made up for all the bad things you’ve done? No. But you keep adding to the good things column. That’s all any of us can do.” – Rick Riordan

Happy Reading!

Mayah XO

Copyright 2019

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