Wednesday's Wonderous Writings!

Wednesday’s Wondrous Writings: Intro + “Inspired”

Welcome to a new installment on my blog: Wednesday’s Wondrous Writings (WWW!). Every week on–Can you guess–Wednesday, I will be posting a piece of writing. I haven’t been posting hardly any poetry on my blog the past few months, which is because I have been collecting what I write in the hopes of compiling it into a collection that can be published; this is something called A BOOK! 😮

I have missed putting my poetry or writing prompt responses into the world and so this weekly post will be a way for me to still do this, even if it isn’t what I am working on for eventual publication. Don’t worry, you’ll all be the first to know if I publish something. Well, except maybe my parents…. and the publishers… and other people who find out first… but you get the sentiment <3.

I just finished reading the fourth Trials of Apollo book and so I was inspired to start doing these posts as haikus. Here’s my first attempt!



Ideas come now

Swifter than ever before

Mind bright with fancies


Have you read the latest Trials of Apollo book yet?

Happy reading and follow my blog to see more Wednesday’s Wondrous Writings posts in the weeks to come!

Mayah XO

Copyright 2019

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