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Interview With My Cat

The following is a transcript of a live event that took place at LibraryInMyMind Headquarters. We orgnaized this event after an apparant scandal involving our guest. Here is a key for your use:

  • Italicised writing was added post-event by our editor, mayah
  • Normal text denotes Mayah’s words and actions
  • Bold text denotes Twinkle Toes’ words and actions
  • * use of asterix denotes action and movement described within said asterix*


Hello and welcome to LibraryInMyMind’s first guest speaker, Twinkle Toes!! *enormous clapping ensues* I’m your host, Mayah, and I am so honoured to be the spokeperson of this blog and to have been picked to be so involved with our first ever interview! *aside* Everyone over at Headquarters is jealous of my opportunity (MAYAH especially),  but what can I say… this blog was my idea! *back to normal speaking* But you’ve heard enough of me jabbering, because you’re all really here for my guest, aren’t you? Welcome…. TWINKLE TOES!

*Twinkle Toes jogs in, waving her tail excitedly* Hello everyone!! Thank you all for coming (or tuning in electronically–both are valid). I’m so happy to be here with Mayah and have the chance to talk to all of you!


This headshot was provided by Twinkle Toes for our use in this article. 

Are you kidding me? I’m the one who is excited here! *shakes Twinkle Toes’ paw*

Well, I’m glad to cause some excitement here and there! *Winks exaggeratedly and starts licking shoulder* 

I am DEFINITELY excited, but I know you probably have a busy schedule, so I’ll start this thing! *looks at notes briefly* You made the news recently, didn’t you? It was all over Headquarters about how you had called some pet food brand out about their nasty eggs and chicken mix–want to tell us a bit about that?

Editor’s note: All questions were preapproved by Twinkle Toes’ manager, so don’t come after us for asking something “insensitivly”, because this cat obviously wanted to talk about these things and was quite fine with it. 

*Stops licking her shoulder and waits for the crowd’s sudden murmer to die down* Well, yes. I guess I should clear that up a little bit. I wasn’t purposefully trying to give the company bad rep or anything like that and I normally wouldn’t even have tried a mix with eggs in it, because I HATE eggs. The thing is, I bought it by accident when I meant to get my normal chicken and apple mix. I figured maybe it would be okay and the chicken flavor would drown out the egg, but it just tasted horrible to me. I couldn’t eat it without gagging slightly. So then I told some people about it and it somehow went viral–I’m not even exactly sure how it got into the news. The company was great about it, though, and swapped the food for my normal bag and it was all fine. I wasn’t trying to “call them out”, but I’m also going to admit that I don’t like something if I don’t. 

That makes a lot of sense! I definitely think those media people got a little overheated about something so simple, but I think sometimes they’re SO wishing you would have some drama that they start making things up. *nods toward her before realizing that Twinkle Toes has gone back to licking her shoulder and can’t make eye contact* I’m glad you could provide some light on that. Now I want to ask a little bit of a more personal question since we still have time: Why is your name Twinkle Toes?

*Looks up from shoulder* Ah yes, people always want to know this, but until now I have refused to answer this question. I liked to think I could keep an air of mysteriousness, but after the huge media storm that I’ve been through recently, I’ve decided that honesty is the best policy. I am called Twinkle Toes for a really simple reason and it seems almost silly to say out loud, but it’s because my paws are white. They kinda look like stars, I guess. *we think she blushed here, but can’t be sure since she has fur*

That is the MOST. ADORABLE. THING. I have ever heard OMG!! I love that! *smiling and giggling* And I love that you chose to share that with the world finally!! Thank you so much for being our first interview!

Of course! It is my honour! *hugs Mayah, who looks shocked, but then hugs back* Until next time. *Saunters off*

Alright that’s it folks, tune in next time for… something! * she seemed to forget what to say out of her shock at hugging Twinkle Toes*

END of transcript

P.S. I hope you liked this post! It was so fun to write and I hope to do more creative posts in the future. Do you like this style of post? Happy reading!

Mayah XO

Copyright 2019


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