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Wednesday’s Wondrous Writings: “Popcorn”

About two weeks ago I got my braces off (!!!). It was really freeing… until I got three retainers that I have to wear for life. But even though I have retainers I can still eat lots and lots of popcorn if I want to. I mean, I ate a few peices while I had my braces on to tell you the truth (who doesn’t?), but at least now I can do it and be totally guilt-free. That being said, I’ve also eaten a rather shocking amount of popcorn in the last week (or maybe it is just shocking since I am not used to it) and this weeks WWW is a haiku all about the wonderous thing that is POPCORN.


Popcorn pops loudly

Drizzle with butter and salt

Heaven has arrived


Do any of you have braces right now? Happy reading!

Mayah XO

Copyright 2019

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