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Wednesday’s Wondrous Writings: “Haikubes Poem”

This week, WWW is taking a slightly different turn. I am still doing a haiku, but I used something called Haikubes to form my poem. Haikubes is basically what you might be able to guess it is: A box full of cubes that each have different words on them. You can roll the cubes, including the two that have different prompts for your haiku and then construct a poem from the available words. I admit, I didn’t really stick to the prompt, but I had fun messing around with using pregiven words to construct a haiku.

“Haikubes Poem”

Revolting doctor

sang a glorious mouthful

dripping with all charm


Yeah… I have no clue what I just wrote….Happy reading! Have any of you ever played Haikubes or a similar poetry game?

Mayah XO

Copyright 2019

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