Wednesday's Wonderous Writings!

Wednesday’s Wondrous Writings: “Bookstore”

Hello everyone! Third day posting in a row–whoohoo!! Today’s WWW is inspired by a very exciting and also very hard decision I made. This past week I came to the realization that I really want to start supporting local bookstores and stop ordering so many books online. Not only do I simply want to keep bookstores up and running because I love them, but I also want to decrease how many things I order through the mail since it contributes to global warming. So, I wrote today’s haiku about why I love bookstores.



Fresh scent; ink’d pages

browsing eternally this

is my happy place.


Happy reading! Do you prefer to buy books online or in an actual bookstore?

Mayah XO

Copyright 2019


2 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Wondrous Writings: “Bookstore”

  1. I definitely prefer shopping in a bookstore, but then the convenience of online shopping is hard to beat. I’m trying to balance it out a bit more. Whenever I visit someplace new I always find a local bookstore, and there is a great one near me as well that I love to support 🙂

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