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Bookstagram Vs. Blogging: My Plans for the New Year

I have been wanting to write this post for the past few weeks, but I had to really let things settle in my mind before I could put my thoughts down on paper (er… down on the web?). I also didn’t want to put off writing it though, which is why I announced it would be posted soon on my Instagram last week. This won’t be a super long post, but it’ll just be making some things clear, sharing where I am at with my writing and blogging journey, and putting a plan for the new year down in writing. Buckle up!

Creating clarity when it comes to bookstagram and blogging and my plans for 2020:

When I started posting on Instagram on libraryinmymind’s page, I really had no idea what a bookstagrammer did other than take photos of pretty books. As I began to follow people who were prominent in this community, I realized how much work goes into it and how much followers often expect of you! At first, I figured that I could start doing some bookstagramming along with my blogging, but I soon found that I really prefered one over the other. You guessed it (maybe): I prefer blogging. Writing has always been my favourite way to express myself and while I am a visual person and enjoy taking photos, I would like to spend more time devoted to growing and improving this blog than on social media. I had to do some reflecting and thinking, but ultimately came up with a general way of doing things that I think will work great for me and hopefully can be enjoyable for everyone else too! I am going to post about three photos a week on my Instagram, which will generally feature books or my cat (or both–ooh la la!). I also often put book mail videos and reading or writing updates in my stories. Meanwhile on this blog, I will continue putting up four posts a week, but when it hits Februrary I might start doing five. So that’s the breakdown!

A little extra update on my blogging and writing life:

These past few months have truly been extreme times of growth for me and a huge part of that was how much more focused I have become on writing. I have always loved to write, but putting out more content on this blog and also starting the first novel I intend to finish has become my main focus lately instead of a hobby on the backburner. I am really glad that I have rekindled my passion for writing, which had grown pretty stagnant in the past year. Thank you so much to everyone who has stuck around and welcome to everyone who is new here!

Happy reading! How has your reading or writing life been lately?

Mayah XO

Copyright 2019

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