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Book Review: “Reverie”

When I first heard about this book, I was slightly unsure about whether or not I would like it, but I’m a fairly easy to please reader (at least I think so) and I decided to take a chance. As soon as I got it in the mail I started reading it and the general verdict is that it wasn’t everything I was expecting, but I very much enjoyed the adventure it took me on.

Title: Reverie

Author: Ryan La Sala

Genre: YA LGBTQ+ Fantasy

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

Synopsis: “All Kane Montgomery knows for certain is that the police found him half-dead in the river. He can’t remember how he got there, what happened after, and why his life seems so different now. And it’s not just Kane who’s different, the world feels off, reality itself seems different.

As Kane pieces together clues, three almost-strangers claim to be his friends and the only people who can truly tell him what’s going on. But as he and the others are dragged into unimaginable worlds that materialize out of nowhere—the gym warps into a subterranean temple, a historical home nearby blooms into a Victorian romance rife with scandal and sorcery—Kane realizes that nothing in his life is an accident. And when a sinister force threatens to alter reality for good, they will have to do everything they can to stop it before it unravels everything they know.”


I’ve been reading many more debut books recently and with each one comes a nervousness that I’m going to be disappointed. So far, though, I have yet to feel any disappointment and have been marvelously surprised by some of the amazing authors that have been recently welcomed into published land (this is a thing, right?!). I’m happy to say that the magical and glittering world of Reverie has continued to prove my apparent talent at picking books that I will enjoy. I thought that the entire book was a wondrously seamless and glitteringly original new piece of LGBTQ+ literature that anyone who loves fantasy should consider adding to their TBR.

I was slightly surprised by a few elements of this book, but primarily the mystery element. I knew from the synopsis that the main character, Kane, would not know certain things about himself and his life. What I didn’t know was that a lot of the book would be rooted in him slowly figuring out the truth about himself. This mystery didn’t even seem to fully resolve until the last few pages, which I was perfectly happy with, as a mystery lover. Kane is also a very complicated character who didn’t always make decisions that I was particularly happy about (ahh, how author’s do love to torture us). I felt like shaking my fist at him several times, but I learned to appreciate his developmental arc as I continued reading.

If you are looking for a simple fantasy read then this isn’t it. But I do encourage anyone who loves magical adventure with a side of mystery and romance to check this book out! Though it defied my expectations in many ways, the enchanting characters and the concept of reveries left me feeling fully satisfied once I was done reading.

Happy reading! Have you ever taken a chance on a book and loved it?

Mayah XO

Copyright 2020

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