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EarTHursday #1: “Soap”

When I was considering what to talk about for my first earTHursday post, I wanted to pick something that would set the tone for how these posts will go as well as something that has been a total success in my life (this isn’t the case with everything I have tried so far, but we’ll get to that in other posts). I immediately thought of soap, because it is something I have totally turned around in my lifestyle and I love it!

When it comes to soap, I realized a few months ago that handmade bars of soap were the most biospherically friendly way to go. Using bars of soap cuts down on the amount of plastic in your household, from packaging as well as the bottles that soap can be bought in. Homemade soap bars also make great gifts and I found that the lather was so much softer and smelled nicer than bottled soap. I was lucky to find out about a local shop in my town that makes soap in the back of the shop and then sells it. This was ideal for me because I could get soap locally without any plastic involved. It felt great to support a local buisness, but the true draw of this shop was the classes that they offered in soapmaking. I tried out a class in November and had an absolute blast!


I made this soap (it smells deliciously like honeysuckle)! ^

Transitioning to bars of soap was such a great switch for me to make in my life since it was an easy change to make and improved my quality of life. The place where I get my soap/make my soap is called Greencastle Soap Company. They do deliver to places that are within the US if you want to check them out, but I highly suggest you find your own local resources since soapmaking or supporting soapmakers is a wonderful way to gain community and cut down on pollution.

Thanks for reading! What is your dream soap scent?

Mayah XO

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