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A Guide To Bookish Jargon

This post is something I had the idea for about a month ago and I decided recently that it’s time for this to be available for all book blog readers: A guide to all of the weird things that book bloggers and authors say that aren’t gibberish after all, but actually mean something. Some of you may already be familiar with these terms (some are more obvious than others), but some may not be. Also, there is a high likelyhood that I missed some things for this list, so please include any that you think of in the comments section below or ask questions! I’ve always been a bit behind on internet speak, but I’ve learned a lot about bookish jargon in particular so I hope this list is helpful to someone!

A Guide To Bookish Jargon

By Mayah

  • WIP (Work In Progress): What a writer is currently working on.
  • TBR (To Be Read): A list of books that you want to read.
  • DNF (Did Not Finish): A book that you didn’t finish reading.
  • ARC (Advanced Reader’s Copy)/Galley: Both of these terms refer to early editions that people read before the hardcover book is released.
  • e-ARC/e-Galley: The digital versions of the above.
  • Naked Book: I don’t know if only I use this, but I say this in refernce to a hardback book without it’s dust jacket on.
  • Bookstagram/Bookgram/Authorgram: Instagram accounts having to do with books or writing.
  • Booktube/Authortube: Youtube accounts having to do with books or writing.
  • Bookish: Relating to books.
  • All The Feels: An expression often seen in positive book reviews, meaning that the reader felt many emotions over the course of reading said book.
  • Shelfie: A photograph of your bookshelf.
  • YA: Acronym representing the Young Adult genre.
  • NA: Acronym representing the New Adult genre.
  • MG: Acronym representing the Middle Grade genre.
  • SF: Acronym representing the Science Fiction genre.
  • MC: Acronym that means Main Character.
  • POV: Acronym standing for Point of View.
  • Own Voices: Used to describe a book whose author relates to the main character they created in some way whether through race, sexuality, similar life experiences, etc.
  • CR (Currently reading)/CL (Currently listening): Acronyms standing for what someone is reading currently.
  • CP (Critique Partner): Someone who reads an author’s works while they are still in the early stages of creation and gives them feedback.
  • Betas/Beta readers: People who read an author’s book and give them feedback when they are futher along in the creation process (usually during rounds of editing).


I hope this was helpful or at least interesting and like I said please include other ones you may think of in the comments!

Mayah XO

Copyright 2020

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