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EarTHursday #2: “Salad Spinners”

Last week’s EarTHursday post was the perfect first post because it was a successful change in my life that I made towards being more biospherically friendly. However, it also talked about a change in my life that was what I would consider to be a fairly major one. That’s why this week I wanted to tackle a tip that is a lot simpler to implement in your life. I’d like these posts to range in the size of the lifestyle change that they would require from the person changing.

So this week I’m just going to bring up salad spinners. This seems like a strange thing to suddenly bring up, but my family found a salad spinner in our cupboard and began using it when we make salads a few months ago. Salad spinners are great because they’re an easy thing to implement into your daily life (and one that I believe actually takes less time than other methods used for drying salad materials). Most importantly, this tool saves on paper towel use, which is something I am always looking to do. Also, salad spinners have the added bonus of being fun! I mean who doesn’t love pulling the string back and watching lettuce whirl? Okay maybe that’s just me, but either way I suggest getting a salad spinner in your kitchen if you like salads as much as I do.

If you are interested you can also click on this link to see the salad spinner I have been using!

Thanks for reading! Do you like salads?

Mayah XO

Copyright 2020

3 thoughts on “EarTHursday #2: “Salad Spinners”

  1. OK, I have to ask: why do you need to dry salad? The best way to cut down on paper towels and as an added bonus, reduce a bit of plastic in the world (admittedly it is too late for you as you already have one for some reason so you can’t save yourself, but it’s not too late to save others šŸ¤£ ) is to eat freshly washed salad as it comes. I’ve never felt the need to dry my salad. Do you put tomatoes in there too (let’s not talk about the way we both pronounce these things…) ? That could be fun to watch.

    When I first saw the title, I wondered if it was a job title. I thought I was going to read something about a job creation scheme, about people with long sticks and salad leaves on the top. A bit like those people in Oregon state who fill your car up with petrol (oops, sorry, I of course mean gas) for you to save you the trouble of getting out of your car, although I was already on with it buy the time he arrived the first time, only to tell me I was breaking the law. Then he saw my car had WA plates and said “ah, out of town eh?”. He had no idea… Anyway, I digress. I was convinced that was some kind of job creation scheme.


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    1. I personally use the spinner only for drying lettuce not for greens because otherwise I find that it makes the salad soggy and not ideal for cutting. Perhaps it also depends on how wet the salad is? I’ve never thought of not drying my salad so I’m glad you opened my eyes to that possibility! I may have to credit you with a new post šŸ™‚


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