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Book Review: “Being The Change”

Hello everyone! This is possibly the first nonfiction book that I have reviewed here on my blog (or at least the first nonfiction book that is geared towards adults) and I considered posting this as an EarTHursday post. I decided against it because I have so many other things to discuss in those posts, but only so many book reviews lined up. So here I am!

Title: Being The Change

Author: Peter Kalmus

Genre: Science-based and Spiritual Nonfiction

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Synopsis: “How a climate scientist and suburban father cut his climate impact down to one tenth the US average and became happier because of it. Being the Change merges science, spirituality, and practical knowledge to offer a deeply optimistic message: living without fossil fuels is not only possible, it can be better.”

Being the Change: How to Live Well and Spark a Climate Revolution

I was fairly excited to read this book, because I was hoping to gain some more knowledge about global warming and what I can do in my own life to help the situation. If that is something that you are also interested in, then I would highly recommend this book for you! But before you go and order it I want to give you a few warnings about the content inside.

Overall, I enjoyed this book because it has some amazing stories about biospherism and also is a wonderful resource full of tips that I can use in my daily life to help combat global warming. However, there were aspects of this book that did make it a little hard to read and possibly not a good starting place for readers that are new to the concept of biospherism. This is mostly because the first half of the book was focused mainly on the supporting science and the various causes of global warming. This information is certainly interesting and important to know, but as a person who is more arts inclined I was a little overwhelmed with the scientific terms that he was using and the sheer amount of technical information that he covered. I found the second half of the book to be much more interesting, helpful, and profound than the first, which is why I gave it four stars overall.

If you are considering reading this book and are willing to make it through the sciency parts, then this is a wonderfully inspiring introduction to biospherism that will (hopefully) leave you feeling encouraged to make a difference like I know it did with me.

Happy reading! Do you read nonfiction?

Mayah XO

Copyright 2020

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