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EarTHursday #3: “Tea and Other Drinks!”

People often talk about how it is important to use your own bottle whenever you go out to get drinks. That isn’t the only thing I am here to say, but it is definitely of vital importance. Using plastic or paper to-go cups is something I consider to be an unnecessary waste. I also think that making your own drinks is the way to go, because it can be way less expensive that way and takes less time than if you were to drive to a coffee shop (most likely anyway, depending on how close you live to it). If you still want to make going to the coffee shop part of your life, then just spend a little extra time there and have your tea in a mug that the shop can reuse (if the shop does have this as an option–I’ve found that some don’t and some do).

Overall there are three main tips that I’ve begun to implement in my daily life when it comes to making drinks (specifically tea because it’s my jam) and I’ll list them here now.

  1. As I said, use reusable bottles!!
  2. Start making your own drinks, whether with a coffee presser thing (I don’t drink coffee so I don’t know anything about this) or with your own tea.
  3. If you like tea as much as I do I highly suggest that you start buying loose-leaf tea in bulk and using tea strainers. Not only is this cheaper in the long run, but it produces less waste and I personally think the tea becomes more flavorful. I also suggest buying from a local source if you can!

Thanks for reading these tips! Do you drink tea or coffee?

Mayah XO

Copyright 2020

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