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EarTHursday #2.2: “Salad Spinner Responses and Some Clarification”

I got some really interesting responses to my second EarTHursday post, which was about salad spinners, that made me think more about them and also made me want to discuss my purpose behind these posts a little more. So, here I am.

First, I want to make sure everyone knows I am absolutely not an expert. I’m using these posts as a way of sharing my personal experience and my journey to a waste-free lifestyle. I am totally open to hearing anything anyone has to share about these posts, too!! Please do share if you have a better idea than what I’m doing, because that’s the whole point of these posts–sharing information and eco-friendly tips!

Alright now with that out of the way I thought I would share three of the responses I got to my previous salad spinner post that were particularly interesting:

  1. One person commented and asked me about why I needed to dry my lettuce, which totally surprised me because I hadn’t really thought about it before. I always wash my lettuce before I use it for salads and it often is quite soggy, which makes my salad undesirably wet. If you can get away with not drying you lettuce, though, then that is a wonderful practice!
  2. The other response I got was that salad spinners will eventually end up in a landfill and so they aren’t ultimately waste-free, which I absolutely agree with since it is the truth. I certainly haven’t looked that far into the future and would hope that my spinner would last me my whole life, but this is a good point. I already had a spinner when I decided to go zero-waste so there wasn’t any point in getting rid of it.
  3. The last thought I have to share is that instead of using a salad spinner OR paper towels just use a reusable towel, which is a great idea that I encourage people to start using! I hadn’t thought of this way of doing it either and it certainly seems the best way to go if you need to dry your lettuce.

Thanks for reading! I hope this cleared some things up if there was any confusion and could be helpful to someone! If anyone else has any zero waste tips, please do share them!

Mayah XO

Copyright 2020

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