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EarTHursday #6: “Consumerism Vs. Thrifting”

One of the biggest struggles with living a more ecofriendly lifestyle is not the physical shifts that we can make like getting rid of plastic in our kitchens or using more reusable containers. The hardest thing is to truly change our mindset–this is a big change because we are essentially shifting our view of the world and learning how to live this new lifestyle.

One of the bigger mindset shifts that I’ve started to go through for the past few months is being less consumerist. Instead of collecting things and buying more more more (stuff that I probably don’t really need), I spend my money wisely on things that are useful, important, or will greatly influence my life (which is why I let buying books creep in since they are a large source of joy for me). When I do buy new things, I also think of ways to buy them so they aren’t really NEW. Basically I try to thrift whenever I can–so far on my journey I’ve transitioned to mainly thrifting clothes and books as much as possible. It can be truly amazing the treasures you can find if you take the time to look through thrift stores!

Also, I realized that the stuff I had collected over the years wasn’t all stuff that was necessary for me to hang onto, so I did a major room cleanout. It was really freeing to get rid of so much stuff and really just focus on keeping things that improve my quality of life or have extremely poignant nostalgia attached to them.

I wanted to write this post about this idea, because not only is this an important way to start thinking about the world and what you spend money on, but thrifting is also great economically and environmentally! I mean, what’s not to love?

Thanks for reading! Do you like thrift shopping?

Mayah XO

Copyright 2020

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