Wednesday's Wonderous Writings!

Wednesday’s Wondrous Writings: “Fairest”

Hello everyone! I’m here with another poem! This month I’m going to continue with free verse, though I want to pay particular attention to rhyming schemes and experiment with couplets. This first poem is inspired by a show I was watching about the 1920’s. It honestly wasn’t a very good show and so I came up with this poem as a way of making the story more interesting :P. Does anyone else love period dramas? I’d love some recommendations!


Old lace

a clock ticking

subtle glances

she is picking

whom to wed

it’s easy as pie:

the bald man with beady eyes,

the one with a large wallet and larger lies,

or the one with letters in a heap

(ink stained hands

his love came cheap).

He is tired with unkempt hair

but oh, the writer, he’s the fairest of the fair.


Thanks for reading!

Mayah XO

Copyright 2020

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